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Natural Newborn Photoshoot
near me in London

London's Littlest Stars: Cherished Baby Photography by Pennypics

Pennypics London natural newborn photoshoot l

Capture the timeless beauty and raw emotions of those fleeting newborn days with stunning, natural portraits by Pennypics London Photography.

Paola, a renowned newborn photographer in Clapham/Kennington, specializes in creating beautiful, natural-edited portraits that celebrate the wonder of your precious family bond throughout Greater London.

Enjoy a comfortable session for the whole family in a spacious and safe studio or the comfort of your home. Paola's gentle touch and years of experience ensure a stress-free session that prioritizes your baby's comfort.

Relish in a fulfilling experience as you capture these intimate moments of your family's journey.

Let's create heirloom-quality portraits that evoke a lifetime of cherished memories as you watch your newborn grow.

As a professional natural newborn photographer for over a decade, I am the ideal person to assist you in effortlessly preserving your most dear memories.

Start your incredible journey today!

Visit our Galleries on our website to see the Pennypics style,

and let's get inspired before capturing your precious memories in London!


London newborn photography - with - parents - Nurturing in B&W - Pennypics London newborn photographer

The Beauty of growing families: a star is born!

FaQ session newborn Photoshots

Choosing the Perfect Photographer for Your Magical Session

Pennypics London - newborn photography near me

Benefit from timeless newborn photos in black and white

Newborn photos are magical, whether snapped within the first two weeks after birth or beyond. Those early days bring the sleepy, curled-up poses, showcasing delicate features, tiny fingers, and tiny toes. 


But what if your little one is a few days or weeks old? 


After two weeks, babies tend to be more awake and alert, which can result in beautifully candid shots showcasing their budding personalities.

It's not a different scenario. It's almost always a contingent situation that can vary from one family to another.

At Pennypics London, we believe every newborn photoshoot is a unique and treasured experience, regardless of the exact timing. The best is to capture the genuine essence of this magical period. We're here to accommodate your needs and work with you to create the perfect photoshoot, regardless of timeframes.


Choosing the right photographer for your newborn session is paramount.


The photographer's experience, style, and flexibility in rescheduling sessions are golden rules that will have a lasting impact on your photos.

1. Experience: An experienced baby and family photographer knows how to work with babies, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the session.

2. Style: Every newborn photographer has a unique style. We specialize in nurturing style photographs, aiming to capture the natural beauty of this precious time.

3. Flexibility in Postponing: babies have schedules which may not align with your initial plans. We offer flexibility in rescheduling sessions. If your baby arrives a bit earlier or later than expected, don't worry – we'll adjust the session accordingly.

4. Creating Lasting Family Heirlooms: Professional baby and newborn photos become cherished family heirlooms. Choose a photographer who offers the finest quality prints, ensuring your memories are at their best.

Capturing your baby's precious moments is always unique, during the early days or as your baby grows. For a successful newborn and baby photoshoot, it's all about sharing emotions in a unique, intimate space, whether in the studio or at your home.

There's No Single "Best" Place for Your Newborn Photoshoot!

What's the Ideal Location for Beautiful Photos?

natural newborn photoshoot near me - baby in a diaper lies on its back

Capture the magic of new beginnings in the comfort of your own home

The ideal location depends on your preferences. Capturing those fleeting newborn moments is a priceless experience, and Pennypics London Photography is here to assure relaxed comfort and classic elegance, regardless of your choice. We'll help you choose the perfect setting for your longed-for photoshoot.


In-Home Session:


  • Prioritize comfort and familiarity for your newborn in your own space. Familiar surroundings can lead to more genuine interactions, especially among siblings.

  • Enjoy the convenience and privacy of an in-home session, eliminating travel stress.


Studio Session:


  • Concerned about clutter or distractions at home? Our studio offers a clean, controlled setting for capturing stunning portraits.

  • Value a streamlined experience? We handle setup and breakdown, allowing you to relax.

  • Envision capturing family portraits and individual sibling photos? Our studio environment ensures everyone shines.


Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and start capturing your precious memories in London!

Pennypics studio newborn photoshoot portrait

Create timeless portraits in our beautifully designed studio setting

Pennypics London Baby Photographers - Best family bonds - Black and White Memories

Candid moments of the baby interacting with siblings

Soft & Emotional Newborn Photography

Simple Beauty, Lasting Memories

Baby London baby photographer - Natural Newborn Photoshoot - Pennypics London

Pure love

Cherish those fleeting moments with timeless newborn photography.


I believe natural beauty is timeless. If you're looking for a London newborn photographer to capture those first precious moments with your new arrival, you've come to the right place.


My Signature Style: soft and emotional.


As a passionate newborn photographer, I focus on capturing your baby's unique personality with a focus on:


  • Natural Moments: Candid interactions and genuine smiles.

  • Vivid Expressions: Capturing all the wonder and curiosity.

  • Tender Interactions: Precious moments shared between parents and their baby.


Expect a Variety of Beautiful Images:


  • Individual portraits: Highlighting your baby's delicate features.

  • Family portraits: Showcasing your love and connection.

  • Intimate moments: Parents, siblings (if applicable), and baby.

  • A mix of color and classic black-and-white: Offering timeless elegance and emotional depth.

Pennypics London - newborn photoshoot near me

Ready to explore

"We had Paola shoot photos of our family, newborn, and toddler. She was so helpful, professional, and patient. Most importantly, the photos were beautiful. Paola has such skill in capturing wonderful portraits. I highly recommend using her!"


-Brandon, Marylebone - City of Westminster, London

Personalized Experience & Timeless Results

We offer a variety of photo settings, including classic backdrops and personalized touches. Our expert lighting techniques create beautiful atmospheres that capture the magic of your family.

Experience Soft & Emotional Newborn Photography - View My Portfolio>

Natural Newborn Photography Sessions in London

Capture the Wonder: Soft & Emotional Newborn Photos 

Pennypics London mother with newborn photoshoot

Tiny details, big emotions

Capture the wonder of your new arrival with soft & emotional photos.


Relaxed Sessions, Beautiful Memories:


Quality time is the key to a successful newborn photoshoot. We prioritize your baby's comfort and schedule, letting their sleep patterns guide the session. Our adaptable newborn photography sessions in London can last up to three hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding, changing, cuddling, and capturing those precious moments of peace. We ensure your little one is comfortable during the photoshoot, resulting in genuine and captivating photographs you'll cherish forever.


Patience & Collaboration:

Every baby is unique, and we understand that some days may be more peaceful than others. We're committed to creating a calm and relaxing environment, working with you at your pace to capture your aimed photos.


You're the Heart of It All

Parents are an integral part of our newborn photography sessions. We encourage you to interact with your baby, holding them close, whispering and enjoying quiet cuddles. Your presence and love are essential for capturing genuine and meaningful images that showcase the unique bond between you and your little one.


Handling Every Moment:

If your baby becomes unsettled, there's no need to worry. We're experienced in handling such moments and finding ways to make your baby feel comfortable.


"We were very happy with our experience with Paola. She came to our home, which was very convenient with a newborn and toddler. She spent the morning with us making sure we got all the photos we wanted. We would definitely recommend her. Very professional while also being friendly and kind".

-Alex, Clapham, London

Pennypics London - Newborn baby photographer

Your presence and love are essential for capturing genuine moments

Capture Timeless Memories of Your Newborn with Pennypics London

Relaxed Sessions, Beautiful Results

At Pennypics London Photography, we believe in capturing timeless photographs that create a lasting legacy of your family's cherished memories.


Don't miss this magical time! Capture the wonder of your new arrival with a trusted London Newborn Photographer from Pennypics Photography.

Many new parents, understandably focused on preparing for arrival, miss scheduling a newborn photoshoot. But don't worry! While booking at least two months in advance is ideal, we're happy to accommodate last-minute requests upon availability.


Capture Those Precious Memories Now - Book Your Session!

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