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About Me:
Paola Your Specialist
London Family Photographer

A Professional Touch for All Your
Family Photography Needs.

Christmas Photoshoot - Pennypics London

Hello and Welcome,
Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Paola, a dedicated professional family portrait photographer and specialist retoucher residing in the vibrant neighbourhood of Clapham, London.

Pennypics London Photography is where my passion thrives, and my commitment to capturing moments of maternity, babyhood, newborns, and families comes to life.

My delight lies in delivering the timeless charm of traditional family photography while ensuring a professional touch in the comfort of your home, within the cosy confines of my photo studio, or amidst your favourite outdoor locations.

I strive to offer you unique, sincere and everlasting family photos with minimum and gentle guidance.
My family photography idea follows a formal composition, a simple light design, and natural poses. A subject at ease releases power that builds a strong sense of intimacy and reality. 

A Passionate Family Portrait Photographer in London

I have been facing almost every situation in my career: believe me.

Speaking of professional newborn photography near me, sometimes I shoot birth sessions directly in the theatre without fainting: it's magical.


I travel a lot for my work, and I enjoy it. It's curious how I often visit Italy following my Londoner clients who love posing with family in beautiful Italian landmarks. On the other hand, I travel to Spain and Dubai to portray my Italian clients. C'est la vie.

So, it will be a pleasure for me to join you near your favourite places in London, England, the UK and abroad to be your reference and trustworthy London portrait family photographer documenting the best steps in your life.


​I love all pets, and my favourites are cats and equines. Spaniels and Poodles are also adorable, I admit.

I will support every initiative focused on their well-being, farm, and everybody who takes action for our beloved friends.​

Every moment shared with family holds immense value and deserves soulful and heartfelt reportages.

Discover More about my photographic services:

Paola Perni London family photographer near me -  family portraits photography - selfie with appaloosa

At Pennypics, we specialize in family photography, capturing intimate portraits of  your cherished loved ones in various settings near you.
We are your go-to family photographer and portrait photographer near you.

My experience as a professional family portrait photographer

From family photography to the best London photo studios to you.

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Paola brings a wealth of experience to Pennypics Studio Family Photography in London. She started her journey working with top creative agencies in Milan, collaborating with leading companies in the early 2000s. With a photography studio in Milan, Paola co-owned and co-operated, capturing moments across Italy, Spain, England, UAE, and Switzerland.
Upon her arrival in London, Paola continued her photographic journey by collaborating with prestigious studios in central London. She specializes in baby photoshoots, family photography, and photographic post-production, catering to an international clientele. As the founder of Pennypics Studio, she focuses on portraiture pregnancy, baby newborn photography, portrait and family photoshoots, always aiming for consistency and timelessness in her work.
With extensive editing and post-production experience in various settings, Paola has honed a streamlined workflow to create enduring, memorable photographs.

Lovely Words

A great photographer with an eye for detail and artsy approach. She’s taken many of my business photos and headshots and she’s done such a great job at it. I cannot recommend further. Very professional and experienced.

- Dani, London

paola perni london family photographer near me - portrait family photography in the studio

"I have known Paola for several years. She has been working on professional projects for my architectural practice and informal personal assignments. She has approached each job always with the same professionalism, accuracy, creativity and artistic flair. She has made valuable contributions in representing my projects and I consider Paola a member of my team.


She has met me on several locations in the UK and abroad and she has been always extremely flexible in accommodating even very tight travel schedules. Working with Paola is easy, she can defuse tense situations and she makes everybody comfortable with her great sense of humour. Over the years I have become accustomed to her very exacting standard but every time she manages to exceed my expectations."

My commitment
to Family photography
When quality is paramount

Capturing Family Moments with Gentle Precision
and Utmost Privacy.

Pennypics London is a studio project about family photography by an experienced and imaginative professional family photographer. Ideal for you who desire a lasting visual story of your family that includes candid and more formal photographs. 

In a well-founded way, where composition, lights, and shadows count. Perfect for those who love to print their images. 

Trendy, funny ideas are always welcome. My commitment and purpose are to transmit through my pictures a natural classy, timeless, and sincere family reportage with a gentle approach and a discreet photoshoot.

My post-production process is a workflow tested over the years. It's accurate and strictly customised.

Feel free to contact me to talk about your next family photoshoot near you.

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