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London Family Photo Ideas & Best Tips: Pennypics Photography

Maternity, Baby & Family Photography in London: Capturing Life's Milestones

At-Home Photoshoot Fun:  Capturing Adorable Toddler Moments (Black & White Photography, London)

Capture the Journey of Parenthood with Pennypics London (Even the Perfectly Awkward Moments!)


Pennypics London is about capturing the beautiful journey of parenthood, from the joy of a new arrival (maternity photography) to the heartwarming chaos of family life (family photography). Let us guide you through the art of preserving those authentic, sometimes awkward moments into everlasting memories to treasure. 

Let Pennypics London capture the laughter, the love, and the giggles (and maybe a few silly faces) for you to cherish forever.

London Maternity to Family Photos: Every Stage, Beautifully Captured 

The birth of a child is a life-changing experience filled with love and excitement.

Maternity photography captures this extraordinary time, immortalizing the beauty and radiance of a mother-to-be as she embraces motherhood.

Maternity Photoshoot London: Capture Your Pregnancy Glow

Genuine Connections: London Family Photo Ideas, Including the "Candidly Awkward"

Our best family photography goes beyond maternity shots, recording an evolving story and precious bonds of your family in time. 

We document genuine connections, playful interactions, and the heartwarming moments that define your family. We love capturing the candidly awkward expressions and interactions that make your family unique.

London Portrait Photography: Reflect Your Inner Self

Portrait photography offers an opportunity to showcase your personality. Whether it's a special occasion or a snapshot of life, our portrait photography is all about you. Our friendly and experienced photographers will guide you through the process, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident during your session.

London Lifestyle Portraits

Location Magic: Capturing Memories Where You Feel Most Comfortable

Choose Your Perfect Setting: Studio, in-home (on-location), and outdoor family photo shoot in London.

The backdrop of your photo session can play a significant role in setting the mood and atmosphere. We offer studio in-home (on-location)and outdoor photoshoot options:

Studio Magic: Capturing Timeless Elegance in our London Studio

Achieve flawless lighting and a polished look for your family portraits. Our studio environment allows us to create flattering results that showcase your family's unique beauty.

Relaxed Comfort: In-Home Family Photoshoot in Your London Home

Surround yourselves with the familiar warmth of your home for a relaxed and intimate photoshoot experience.

Outdoor Family Photoshoot London: Explore London's Charm

Capture the spirit of London's vibrant neighbourhoods or the serenity of its parks with a fan family outdoor photoshoot with kids.

Transforming Memories into Heirlooms:


Your precious photographs deserve to be displayed and enjoyed for years to come. We offer a range of high-quality print products to transform your digital memories into tangible keepsakes.


Your Trusted Guide to Family Photography in London


At Pennypics London, we are committed to photography. Valuable photography is a parade of distinct emotions that make your family's photography a unique documentary. 

We capture the love and genuine connection that binds your family together. We create timeless portraits that reflect happy moments of joy and connection, crafting a unique documentary of your family's story, even the charmingly awkward bits.

Happy Embarking on this Journey with Us!

Explore the world of family and portrait photography with Pennypics London!

Our blog is your one-stop resource for the best expert tips, inspiring London family photo ideas, and a glimpse into the magic we create. We'll start with easy-to-implement suggestions and progress to more comprehensive techniques on this exciting journey.

Paola Perni: Capturing Family's Stories in Light & Love

The Heart Behind the Lens


Pennypics London is more than just a photography studio; it's the creative vision of Paola Perni, a passionate London family photographer dedicated to capturing the magic of people and parenthood.

Paola's love records unique stories for families that shine through in every photograph she takes. She focuses on capturing genuine connections and the heartwarming interactions that define family life. Paola refines the essence of your photoshoot through bespoke editing, ensuring your photographs become cherished keepsakes.

As you embark on this journey of nurturing and guiding your family, capturing these fleeting moments and preserving them through timeless photographs becomes an invaluable endeavour.

A Master of Light and Emotion

Paola has a remarkable talent for capturing precious moments using vivid colours or classic black and white.

She understands that every person has a unique aura and post-produces accordingly to craft photographs to cherish.

Rest assured that your memories are in good hands with Paola.

With a wealth of experience working with top creative agencies in Milan and prestigious studios in London, Paola brings a global perspective and a keen eye for detail to her family portrait sessions.

Paola creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for an in-home session, a studio photoshoot or an outdoor adventure, ensuring that you and your loved ones feel at ease during your photoshoot.

Paola's passion extends beyond photography. As an animal lover, she wholeheartedly supports initiatives focused on their welfare and well-being.


Ready to Capture Your Family's Story?

Let Paola create beautiful and timeless portraits to cherish for generations.  

Contact Paola Here:

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