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London Baby Photoshoot (near you). Capture Baby's First Year Magic

Documenting Your Baby's Journey: Pennypics London Milestone Sessions

Peaceful newborn baby sleeping soundly on a red cushion. Capture precious baby milestone photos in London with Pennypics Photography

London Parents, Capture Those Fleeting Moments!


Have you ever blinked and found out your newborn is already crawling? Time flies, and those precious first-year memories deserve to be cherished forever. Pennypics London Photography specializes in capturing the magic of this fleeting stage (1-12 months) with beautiful, natural baby milestone portraits.


Looking for a baby photoshoot near you in London?


We understand the importance of capturing these heartwarming "firsts" – the awe-inspiring smiles, curious explorations, and playful interactions with you. Choose for an intimate session at your home or a rewarding photo shoot in the studio.


Our London baby photoshoot sessions are designed to document this incredible journey with artistry and care, creating timeless portraits you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Imagine displaying these beautiful images in a crafted baby book, a priceless memento of your little one's incredible first year.


Ready to capture these fleeting moments? Contact Me to learn more about our Baby Milestone Sessions in London!

Precious Moments: A New Smile and Tiny Teeth Emerge. Pennypics London Photography

The Beauty of families: a star is growing!

Capture Every Precious Stage with Pennypics London Photography

Capture Every Precious Stage with Pennypics.

We don't just capture the magic of the first year! Pennypics London Photography offers a range of services to document your growing family and your beloved children:


Newborn Photography: 

Capture those precious first few weeks with beautiful, natural newborn portraits with family.

Family Photoshoots: 

Capture your family's legacy from toddler years with fun and heartwarming portraits of siblings, grandparents, and pets!


Do you yearn to make memories that will last a lifetime? 

Look no further! 

Enrich your collection of valuable photography year after year. 

Experience the joy of creating unforgettable mementoes of your loved ones to cherish forever.


Learn More About Newborn Photography


Pennypics London - professional newborn photographer
Pennypics London family portraits photoshoot studio

Client Experiences

"We had Paola shoot photos of our family, newborn, and toddler. She was so helpful, professional, and patient. Most importantly, the photos were beautiful. Paola has such skill in capturing wonderful portraits. I highly recommend using her!"

-Brandon, Mayfair, London

Precious First Year: Baby Milestone Photo Sessions

family photography london - emotional baby photoshoot with family - pennypics photography

The Family Photo Session with Your Growing Baby


Capturing candid family moments with your precious little one (3-12 months) during a London baby photoshoot is priceless. Our baby and family photography sessions are perfect for documenting your growing baby's personality and witnessing the heartwarming bond between your family.


Celebrate Milestones & Cherished Moments:


These 1.5-hour sessions provide an exhaustive and intimate reportage of family bonding. We capture a mix of family portraits and individual shots, allowing you to cherish these special milestones forever.


Inclusive Family Portraits:


Include the entire family – siblings, grandparents, and even pets! As a professional baby photographer in London, I use patience and gentle guidance to capture spontaneous moments. The key is to create a comfortable environment where your baby feels safe to explore their natural curiosity and wonder.


Capturing Genuine Smiles & Reactions:

To capture those genuine smiles and reactions, I'm often assisted by a friendly helper who interacts with the baby through play and conversation. Babies and toddlers love him! Feel free to bring along some of your baby's favourite toys, sound-making instruments, or colourful objects to spark their interest and create those authentic moments we'll skillfully capture through the lens during your family photography session.

Pennypics baby photographer - Infant photoshoot in the studio

South London Baby Photography: Crafting Lasting Memories

The Family Photo Session with Your Growing Baby

Comfort is Key to Capturing Genuine Moments: We prioritize your baby's well-being throughout the session, ensuring a comfortable environment that sparks genuine smiles and playful interactions. Whether on a soft carpet, in your cosy arms, or using gentle poses, we create a stress-free experience for your little one.


Scheduling for Success: We recommend scheduling sessions when your baby is well-rested and content, often in the morning. That helps capture their most joyful and cooperative moments.


Your Family, Your Style: Choose a setting that reflects your family's personality. Opt for our Kennington studio for a controlled portrait backdrop, or create an intimate and personal atmosphere in your home. We can even capture precious moments outdoors at a scenic location of your choice.


Let Us Capture Your Story: We're passionate about creating beautiful, lasting memories of your family's journey with your precious little one (3-12 months). Trust us to capture these precious moments with expertise, care, and a focus on capturing your baby's unique personality.

A preciuos baby newborn with a prop lying on a soft pillow look down with inquisitive gaze. Candid moments.

With our baby and family photography sessions, you can relive these precious memories forever. Cherish the journey of motherhood with confidence and love.

Book your session today!

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