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Best Baby Photoshoot Near Me: Natural Newborn Photography
in London

Capturing Cherished Family Moments:
Embracing Love with Little Ones!

London newborn photography - with - parents - Nurturing in B&W - Pennypics London newborn photographer

Experience the Magic of Natural Newborn Photography with Pennypics London, Your Local Newborn Photographer.

Pennypics Photo Studio is conveniently located between Clapham and Kennington, making it easily accessible from all corners of South and West London.


A comfy baby photoshoot made simple near you!

Natural newborn photography near you because Paola offers a stress-free, home-based photoshoot for your ultimate comfort, ensuring a relaxed and rewarding experience for you and your loved ones. 

The result? Stunning images that capture the spirit of your family's journey with your beloved little one.


Pennypics London Photography - Newborn photoshoot near me in London

Capture Baby Memories in the Comfort of Your London Home.

Delve into a gallery showcasing the style of Pennypics reportage for your beloved newborn photos in London. As a professional specializing in natural newborn photography for over a decade, I am the ideal person to assist you in effortlessly preserving your most precious memories.

Let me guide you in capturing the heartwarming moments of your family's life, starting with the frequently asked questions from new parents:


Selecting the Right Photographer for your magical session.

London baby photography - natural newborn photoshoot

Newborn photos are magical, whether snapped within the first two weeks after birth or beyond. Those early days bring the sleepy, curled-up poses, showcasing delicate features, tiny fingers, and tiny toes. 


But what if your little one is a few days or weeks old? 


After two weeks, babies tend to be more awake and alert, which can result in beautifully candid shots showcasing their budding personalities.

It's not a different scenario. It's almost always a contingent situation that can vary from one family to another.

At Pennypics London, we believe every newborn photoshoot is a unique and treasured experience, regardless of the exact timing. The best is to capture the genuine essence of this magical period. We're here to accommodate your needs and work with you to create the perfect photoshoot, regardless of timeframes.


Choosing the right photographer for your newborn session is paramount.


The photographer's experience, style, and flexibility in rescheduling sessions are golden rules that will have a lasting impact on your photos.

1. Experience: An experienced baby and family photographer knows how to work with babies, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the session.

2. Style: Every newborn photographer has a unique style. We specialize in nurturing style photographs, aiming to capture the natural beauty of this precious time.

3. Flexibility in Postponing: babies have schedules which may not align with your initial plans. We offer flexibility in rescheduling sessions. If your baby arrives a bit earlier or later than expected, don't worry – we'll adjust the session accordingly.

4. Creating Lasting Family Heirlooms: Professional baby and newborn photos become cherished family heirlooms. Choose a photographer who offers the finest quality prints, ensuring your memories are at their best.

Capturing your baby's precious moments is always unique, during the early days or as your baby grows. For a successful newborn and baby photoshoot, it's all about sharing emotions in a unique, intimate space, whether in the studio or at your home.

A comfy baby photoshoot made simple near you.

What's the Ideal Location for Beautiful Photos?

Pennypics London - professional newborn photographer

Creating Timeless Connections in Natural Hues

The most chosen location for a two-week baby photoshoot near me is at your home. Believe me!

I recommend this spot because the first days after childbirth usually demand resilience and patience and can be physically stressful for parents. Better make it simple and enjoy those splendid emotions, totally comfy in a cosy atmosphere, fixing unforgettable memories without hassle.

Capture the best.


Exploring the Benefits of In-Home Newborn Photography Sessions >>

The session in a photo studio may be a bit more challenging but ultimately rewarding for those who love studio portraits. At Pennypics Photo Studio in South London, we provide ample, comfortable, and safe space for your baby. You can also benefit from a welcoming environment for grandparents, siblings, and nannies.

Candid the Magic: Timeless Moments with Pennypics photographs

A London professional newborn photographer said:

"At the heart of newborn, baby and family photography, there is the utmost care to unveil the essence of bonding and the joy of nurturing and connecting: gentle movements, candid poses and sweet gestures in a magical atmosphere". 

I believe that simple and natural beauty is truly timeless. If you agree with me, you are in the right place, whether you're looking for a family newborn photo session in London or are eager to capture some natural memories of your new arrival.

Pennypics London - Newborn baby photographer

My signature style is soft, simple and timeless. As a passionate natural newborn baby photographer, my mission is to capture your fabulous baby inherently. Consider me if you love all the vivid expressions, spontaneous interactions, and intense gazes that will be the marks of the first professional photos of your baby, with classic moments of the family lifestyle.

You'll love photographs with occasional awakes and inquisitive expressions, peaceful facial expressions, reassuring gestures and the sense of enchantment of the parents. Black & white photos are another classic tool to express emotions. Expect a variety of black & white family photographs in your photo gallery.

Pennypics London - newborn photoshoot near me

Count on a mix of individual portraits, family portraits, mum and the baby, and dad and the baby on classic style backdrops, using several lighting settings and specialised equipment to create unique effects and delicate atmospheres

newborn session Pennypics London

London Newborn Photography by Pennypics: Professional Session

Natural newborn Photoshoot? At your home.

Not ready for a newborn session in the studio?

I am happy to join you for a magical photographic experience at your home everywhere in London.

I will bring lights and props to create a small set on your sofa or bed, using your favourite home corners as the background for the family portraits. Photographing a newborn at home can be immensely rewarding! It allows you to capture precious family moments in an intimate, cosy setting and add an extra layer of specialness and legacy to the artwork.

Photographer near me London - Newborn baby photoshoot near me London - baby sleeping on an

During the newborn shooting day, quality time is the key. 

The baby's sleeping mood leads to the photographic session.
Newborn photography takes time as we consider the needs and rest times of the baby. While the session can last up to three hours, it's flexible and may be shorter to accommodate the baby's mood and comfort.
For this reason, allow up to three hours for the photo shoot for your convenience. We may capture together, with no rush, an exhaustive collection of milestone images to enrich your visual family heritage.
This timeframe allows enough space for feeding, changing, cuddling, and giving the little one time to rest, chill out, or fall asleep. Plus, if you have older siblings, we can also ensure to include them in the session, capturing beautiful moments between your loved ones.


Patience is another key during baby photography sessions. Each baby is unique and may come days when they are more agitated or sleepy.

I'm committed to working with you to create a calm and relaxing environment for the baby. I will be patient, respecting your and your baby's pace and catching the photographic moments that matter.

aby photoshoot near me - London baby photography - mom cuddling with a baby laying down- P

The Role of Parents

Usually, parents are an integral part of my newborn photography session. I will encourage you to freely participate with joy in a photo shoot, holding your baby in your arms or interacting with them.

Your presence and love are essential to reveal authentic, natural, and meaningful images.


A silent ambient is a second key. You can cuddle your baby, whisper

a lullaby, or enjoy the silence of the set. If your baby cries or becomes unsettled, there's no need to worry. It's normal and part of the experience. I'm prepared to handle such moments and find the best way to make your baby feel at ease.

What could you wear for a newborn photoshoot?

Clothing and Accessories: Crafting the Ideal Look
for Your Photo Session

newborn photoshoot a baby girl in a white dress is laying on a furry surface

To make the most of your special newborn photoshoot, we have compiled some crucial tips to help you feel at ease during your session. We understand how precious these moments are, so keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your shoot.


  1. Baby's Comfort First: Keep clothing choices for your little one simple and comfortable. Our focus is capturing the natural beauty of your newborn.

  2. Consider adding sentimental "family" items like blankets or props to add a heartfelt element to your photos.

  3. Bring Multiple Outfits: Be prepared with a few outfit options for your baby and yourselves. It's handy in case of unexpected messes or if you want to switch up the look during the session.

  4. Minimalistic Accessories: Minimal accessories can enhance the overall look. Think about a simple headband or bow for your baby or a piece of jewellery for yourselves.

  5. Timeless Styles: Opt for classic, timeless outfits rather than trendy ones. Classical styles tend to age beautifully in photographs.โ€‹

About the Props 

You can count on posed and styled photos of your baby and spontaneous snaps documenting a happy and astonished family.

You are also welcome to add personal objects you would love to include in the session, such as a pillow, a soft toy, or a special blanket you have carefully chosen for your baby.

We might use a variety of delicate props to make the photos of your newborn truly special and captivating. We have a selected parade of soft blankets, headbands, and baskets to spotlight your baby poses. 


In conclusion, a newborn photography session is a magical experience in our studio or at your home.

We will work with a gentle and delicate approach to create a pleasant photoshoot experience and intimate images taken with patience, love, and attention to detail.

Pennypics London - Newborn baby photographer

Client Experiences

"We had Paola shoot photos of our family, newborn, and toddler. She was so helpful, professional, and patient. Most importantly, the photos were beautiful. Paola has such skill in capturing wonderful portraits. I highly recommend using her!"

-Brandon, Mayfair, London

When to book your neonate photographer?

Pennypics Photos London - Newborn photoshoot - Photo studio - Mom with baby portrait

The Beauty of growing families: a star is born!

It's customary to book at least two months before your due date, ensuring yourself a stress-free experience.

Sometimes, parents initially don't realize the value of a newborn photoshoot, overlooking scheduling.  
But later, a few weeks before the due date or even a few weeks after, they feel the need for professional portraits. More often than not.
Don't hesitate to reach out. Let's work together to secure the perfect date to capture this beautiful moment in your family's life.

With our baby and family photography sessions, you can relive these precious memories forever. Cherish the journey of motherhood with confidence and love.

Book your session today!

Infant photography: between two or three months to the first year

Family photoshoot in the studio near me - Pennypics London

The Family Photo Session with a Little One/


Capturing candid family moments is priceless.

With baby and family photography sessions, you might capture amazing candid photos after the ideal two-week window and the first seven weeks. Your beloved is now an infant! Ready for captivating new photographs of cherished family moments.


These infant photo sessions last 1 hour and a half for an exhaustive and intimate reportage of family bonding and nurturing, with a mix of family portraits and individual shots.

You'll love Inclusive Family Portraits. You might include the entire family, siblings, grandparents, and pets.


As a professional baby photographer, I gently guide with patience to capture spontaneous moments, letting the baby feel comfortable and aim to capture their natural curiosity and wonder. I usually get help from an assistant to relate to the child as naturally and playfully as possible. We interact with the baby through play and conversation, aiming for genuine smiles and reactions.


You might use some of your best cute toys, sound-making instruments, or colourful objects to grab the baby's attention. These items can captivate their curiosity and lead to authentic reactions, which we'll skillfully capture through the lens.

Capturing Precious Moments with Your Toddler.

We understand the importance of comfort for your baby during the photoshoot. We prioritize your baby's comfort during poses, whether on a soft carpet, a master bedroom or in your arms.
Timing matters. We recommend scheduling sessions when your baby is well-rested and content, often in the morning.
Choose a setting that reflects your family's style. Opt for our Kennington studio for a controlled portrait backdrop. If you prefer an intimate and personal atmosphere, your home or a scenic outdoor location can set the perfect stage.
We're here to create beautiful, lasting memories of your family's journey. Trust us to capture these precious moments with expertise and care.

Pennypics baby photographer - Infant photoshoot in the studio
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