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Pregnancy Photoshoot in London
Natural maternity photography
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Unleash your Creativity with a compelling photo shoot in a photo studio on-location & outdoors

maternity photoshoot studio - Pennypics Photos London

Craving to Craft Memories in Your Maternity Journey?
Experience the artistry of pregnancy photography, a captivating and intimate session that beautifully documents this extraordinary phase of your life. In London, natural maternity photography is the trendiest way to celebrate when motherhood happens!

Pregnancy Photography - maternity photoshoot London - studio portrait black white

Embrace a stunning collection of professional portraits at my photo studio. You can indulge in varied session styles, from airy to bright "high-key" setups to the finest silhouettes against dark backdrops.
If you prefer a cosy session at home, we'll bring the pleasure of maternity photography to your doorstep, creating timeless memories in the comfort of your beloved spaces and parade of outfits.

For those drawn to the great outdoors, indulge in the natural beauty of London's landscapes with an outdoor pregnancy photoshoot. Capture your radiance amidst the city's scenic wonders.
Treat yourself to a fabulous maternity photoshoot featuring expert lighting, artful poses, and captivating chiaroscuro portraits. Capture the essence of your pregnancy with Pennypics Photos, the finest photo session near you.

Maternity photoshoot in the studio 
South - West London

maternity photoshoot london - pregnancy portrait in the studio - pregnant lady sitting on a stool - Pennypics photos London

I will warmly welcome you in a fully-equipped studio near Kennington Park in South-West London.

We have everything you need for a memorable and enjoyable experience: a dressing room, professional lights with softboxes and a super cool fan for your great photos with flowing and mesmerising silk fabrics.


During your maternity photoshoot, which usually lasts one hour and a half, you'll have plenty of time to pose in the most flattering ways, and we take time to study and empower each pose and outfit.

I will gently guide you throughout the session to get the most out of your pregnancy photo shoot, and you get impressive during your photo session.


You might prefer an outdoor pregnancy photo shoot to capture the core of your maternity glow in a natural and authentic state.

Best both: two maternity sessions. At your place, or in the studio, and the other outdoors.

Pregnancy photo shoot: when to do it?

maternity photoshoot London - best pregnancy photography - Pennypics timeframe

Embrace the Magic of Maternity Photography

Are you ready to capture the beauty of pregnancy? The ideal time for your maternity photoshoot depends on your preferences and needs. It's a moment to be cherished, and the timing plays a crucial role in ensuring you get the perfect photos.
Commonly, the best time for a pregnancy photoshoot falls between the 28th and 36th weeks of pregnancy. During this period, your baby bump has that beautiful, round shape that looks stunning in pictures. It's the perfect time for silhouette and black-and-white shots. Plus, you'll feel comfortable posing alone or alongside your partner.
We recommend booking your maternity photoshoot at least one and a half months before your 28th week. Planning ensures a stress-free experience, whether you're a first-time mom or an experienced one.

Will I Regret Skipping Maternity Photos? Absolutely yes!

No Regrets, Only beautiful Memories: Enjoy Maternity Photography at Its Best! 

Maternity photography is all about intimate and personal memories of a mesmerizing time.
When it comes to location, the choice is entirely yours. Great outdoors, a cosy studio, or the comfort of your home, it's all about your style and inspiration.

Get in touch with me if you prefer to have professional advice.

While the suggested timeframe for a maternity photoshoot falls between the 28th and 36th weeks of pregnancy, it's worth mentioning that if you feel at ease, you can still have a fantastic last-minute session. Some moms-to-be have even scheduled their photoshoots during the week before giving birth or just before heading to the hospital. The results were stunning, creating unforgettable memories.

The best way to celebrate a fabulous woman, partner, daughter, friend and colleague!

Unwrap Inspiration: A Gift Card for the Extraordinary Women in Your Life.

In Summary

Remember, the ideal time to schedule your pregnancy photoshoot is around your 28th week.

That's the beginning of an incredible photographic journey dedicated to yourself and your growing family. It starts with you and your beautiful bump and continues with heartwarming family portraits. Every moment is carefully captured and preserved, ready to compose stunning albums to cherish forever.

Embrace the magic of maternity photography and create lasting memories of this remarkable chapter in your life. Don't let this extraordinary time pass by without capturing it in breathtaking photographs.

Schedule your maternity photoshoot today,

and look forward to a beautiful visual narrative of your journey to parenthood.

Our Clients, Our Pride

"My experience with Paola was excellent, as usual. Paola is patient, lovely and a top-notch professional photographer, which I highly recommend to any photography enthusiast. It's a pleasure to pose for her and the results are always brilliant"

- Laura, Dubai

Get the most out of your pregnancy photoshoot

The Gold Session. Pregnancy photo shoot plus a Newborn session.
Enjoy the best

Studio portrait - Pregnancy Photoshoot

Maternity photoshoot London/
Best Studio Packages

"The Gold session" is a set of sessions to have an exhaustive reportage of one or more chapters of your family life and covers all your different expectations and styles in more than one location or occasion.

Here more about the benefits of a maternity photoshoot >>

You might consider, for instance, a pregnancy photo shoot plus a newborn session: that's a gold session. Forget the stress and benefit from a scheduled set of photoshoots when it matters for you. Enrich the visual tale of your family with recurring reportages, a consistent style and a preferential price that rewards your loyalty and commitment.

Pennypics Pregnancy Photographer London - mom with newborn

Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children and Family Photoshoots

At your home, outdoors, in the studio.
Wherever you want
Pregnant Woman in Nature - maternity photoshoot London

Maternity photoshoot near me in my favourite location.

You might prefer a newborn photo shoot, a six-month one, and the first birthday. Maybe a photo session in London and the second in your country house all around England, or vice versa.

We can do everything. Fancy dresses, beloved memories, and jolly emotions will be the source of a sincere visual tale ad a precious first-class experience for your family. 

You'll get a relaxed and comprehensive picture of your family's lifestyle and everlasting memories over time.

Studio Maternity photoshoot - Pennypics London - black & white studio portrait - Pennypics photos London
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