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London Pregnancy Photography: dream shoots for Mums to be

Striking a pose: A confident pregnant woman in a black outfit, showcasing her beauty in a studio photo.

London mums-to-be, feeling that pregnancy glow? Celebrate this incredible journey with a magical pregnancy photography shoot!

But with so many options, where do you start? 

This guide is your one-stop shop for planning a stunning London shoot – from finding the perfect photographer to rocking those poses.

Your London Maternity Photographer

The key to a dreamy shoot? A photographer who gets you! 

At Pennypics London Photography, every pregnancy is a perfect start for a fabulous photographic journey. 

Look for London-based specialists whose style resonates with you. Pregnancy is a beautiful and natural time for a woman, showcasing her femininity. Adding a touch of makeup can enhance the intended vibe of your photo collection. Probably, a female photographer can be more supportive of this goal.

Browse their portfolios – light & airy, dramatic & moody, or a touch of whimsical? 

Consider Pennypics maternity photography shoot if you resonate with his pregnancy photo ideas to capture the essence of your personality.

London Studio Magic (Kennington)

Let’s talk location! The studio is probably the best possible set to strengthen the emotional flow of a pregnancy shoot. 

At Pennypics London Studio, our enveloping and intimate atmosphere helps to create the perfect climate for a contemplative session. Professional lighting and backdrops can enhance the beauty style of your photographs, making them look more natural and sophisticated.

Striking a pose: A confident pregnant woman in a black outfit, showcasing her beauty in a studio photo

Home Vibes: Dream Pregnancy Photoshoot at Home

Capture the intimacy in your nursery or living room – perfect for a relaxed and personal touch. You can have fun and indulge in your favourite clothes and accessories in complete relaxation. Setting up a photo session in your home is a winning idea and a sure way to have personal and unique memories.

Pregnancy Photography Shoot that Flatter

The sweet spot for maternity shoots is usually between 32 and 36 weeks. Your bump will be beautifully round, and you’ll still have energy to spare. Chat with your photographer to find a date that works for both of you, ensuring a fulfilling experience.

Stunning Maternity Photography Outfits 

Maternity shoots are all about celebrating your beautiful body. Flowy dresses that gently reveal your curves are a classic choice. Opt for a form-fitting outfit to showcase your baby bump and add variety to your professional maternity photos. Soft neutrals photograph beautifully, but don’t be afraid of a pop of colour! Remember, maternity photoshoot dresses play a significant role in the aesthetics of your shoot.

Pregnancy Photography Tips for Natural Confidence

No awkward posing here! Your photographer at Pennypics London will guide you through flattering and comfortable positions to highlight your bump and the growing nurturing bond between you, your baby, and your partner (if you prefer including them).

Embrace the Joy of the pregnancy photoshoots

Relax, have fun, and let the photographer capture your radiant joy and excitement. You might prefer to bring your partner and pet for heartwarming couple and family photos! A la carte.

Pennypics London Photography - personal maternity portraits

Contact Pennypics London Photography: Make it Personal!

Add meaningful props to your shoot – tiny baby shoes, an heirloom passed down through generations, or colourful baby blocks. Airy flowing maternity dresses or fabrics are the most popular option for a pleasant session and stunning results.

Contact Paola Perni at Pennypics London Photography and get ready to create maternity photos that capture the essence of your London pregnancy journey.


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