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A photographic session is a small and funny thing in your parenting journey, and it is so rewarding. It's about focusing attention on all details that enrich your family life.

Fancy a session in the studio? You can benefit from our comfortable studios in Kennington. Fancy something else? Pennypics it's a mobile photographic studio set at your disposal, at your place and on location. You can benefit from any a la carte service, classic packages and deals, plus some popup sessions occasionally. Together, We can do everything!

Price structure

How it works

My price structure is simple and without hidden fees. There is a session fee due in full at the time of booking to reserve your date. Once paid, you have already covered the cost of the photoshoot.

 The session fee covers:

  • my guidance and support on how to be prepared for the day

  • use of my props in case of newborn photography,

  • the performing of the photoshoot

  • access to a spacious and well equipped photographic studio

  • travel expenses within zone 4 of London public transport

  • first-class post-production of all the images.

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The session fee is different for weekdays or weekends & Bank Holidays. A small fee may apply for travels outside zone 4 of London public transport. You might fancy your photoshoot taken in the countryside or at the seaside. I am happy to be contacted for any photoshoots outside London. I travel all over the UK and abroad for my job. So do not hesitate to inquire about shooting in any stimulating location.


Please note that the session fee does not include any products (prints, wall art, albums) or digital files. You might choose to buy only digital files, photographic prints or any product you desire, choosing among an exhaustive range of exclusive products. Confident that you will love your images, I do not require minimum spending. So don't worry, book your session and enjoy the experience. 

Popular packages

The right amount of everything

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A star is born

Newborn Session

Celebrate the best gift of your life with an exclusive and bespoke newborn session at your place. You and your little one will have all the time for feeding, changing and cuddling. For this reason, allow up to three hours for the newborn photoshoot, even though in most cases, two hours are enough to get a beautiful and varied collection of family images and single portraits. Please note that my newborn sessions take place only at your home. You can count on posed and styled photos of your baby using cute props and candid, spontaneous snaps capturing you as a family.

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The best selling

The Classic Family photoshoot

"The Classic Family photoshoot" is a milestone for your family journey. "The Classic session" includes both candid and more formal images. Quality time is the key. Newborns lead time, which is why I'm never in a hurry with them. The babies and the children will have enough time to familiarize themselves with me, my equipment, and the situation. The session will be therefore relaxing and tailored to your specific needs. But don't worry. I know by experience that one hour and a half is usually enough to complete in the best way a family photographic session in a single set.  So, you will be happy to update and improve your precious family photo archive.

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Enjoy the best

The Gold Session

"The Gold session" is a set of sessions to have an exhaustive reportage of one or more chapters of your family life and covers all your different expectations and styles in more than one location or occasion.

You might consider, for instance, a pregnancy session plus a newborn session: that's a gold session. Forget the stress and benefit from a scheduled set of photoshoots when it matters for you. Enrich the visual tale of your family with recurring reportages, a consistent style and a price that rewards your loyalty and my commitment.

You might prefer a newborn photoshoot, a six month one, and the first birthday. Maybe a photo session in London and the second in your country house, or vice versa.

We can do everything. Fancy dresses, beloved memories, and jolly emotions will be the source of a sincere visual tale ad a precious first-class experience for your family. 

You'll get a relaxed and comprehensive picture of your family's lifestyle and everlasting memories over time.

I like to explore new locations and stay updated on my work. Sometimes I need to test some equipment, new techniques, and props in a live session situation. That's a fantastic opportunity for you to have a photoshoot at an incredible price. So, stay tuned and regularly check this site and my socials for my seasonal tryout offers. It might happen near you.

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