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Newborn photography at your home

Cherished portraits that you will love

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The first photographs of your baby are always a terrific emotional step of your beautiful family story: newly parents or expert ones.

At the heart of the photo session, there is the utmost care to unveil the essence of bonding and joy of nurturing and connecting: gentle movements, sweet gestures in a magical atmosphere.  

The baby mood and his willingness to sleep will lead the photographic session. Within the first 15 days of life, newborns should be generally sleepy and calm, and it is easier to get those stylish images with props we are now more and more used to seeing. After two weeks, the baby tends to move and interact during the session, allowing for candid images without a lot of setting up. So, we are ready to capture all the vivid expressions, spontaneous interactions, intense gazes enriching the photographs with sweet moments of family life and its new dynamic, especially when there are older siblings.

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So, what is the best moment to have a newborn photoshoot? Every moment counts and gives a different taste, and any of them are worth it. I'll take the best out of every stage of your baby's age. If you don't want to miss those iconic images with props and want also capture the first smiles, book "The gold session". The newborn and the toddler one is a winning choice for you who don't want to miss the unforgettable stages of your baby's life.


Feel confident to contact me before the due date. I understand you might need to reschedule. I'm on your side. We will find the best time you feel comfortable and confident to have your photo shoot when you feel ready. I will do my best to be flexible according to my availability.

You won't regret how a simple gift you make to your family will evolve in precious recollections to preserve for all years to come.

Intimate portraits & family photos at your place

The things we make make us

© Paola Perni
© Paola Perni
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Forget exhausting travels with the baby bag. At your place, your family is at ease without travelling. What better solution than your home, a comfort zone that tells about you and your family's history? Your own set will make you feel comfortable and well prepared without sacrificing time and privacy. Those moments fly, and you'll love to capture the unique feeling and intimate moments of life that only your place can inspire. I will care to assure you have the best light setting to achieve a studio look quality.

Those photographs will increase in value over time, when you'll want to remember your family, in those moments and in that place.

Enjoy a family outdoor session

Happy children

You might consider enjoying a funny outdoor photographic experience. Sometimes the constraints of a house or a studio can limit the dynamism of a family or a group. A park, a fairground, an evocative landmark can stimulate the vivacity and playfulness that will give an extra sparkle to the children, the parents, and the pets.

© Paola Perni
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© Paola Perni
little girl running at Richmond Park

"Paola has taken family photos for us annually since our newborn pictures years ago...  She has photographed in our London home, Hyde Park and in the New Forest, with the National Park as a backdrop. She manages to capture our children’s personality, our family dynamics and has a calm professionalism that helps the children stay settled and enjoy the experience. Her use of colour and light creates a real warmth in her photos. She has a real gift to use the lens to “see” people that  is far and above the average family photographer". 

-Erika, New Forest National Park.

© Paola Perni
Family portrait photography at New Forest National Park

A fabulous session in the studio

Unleash The Creativity in You

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Unravel yourself in a precious collection of brilliant portraits. You might desire to create memories such as during your maternity, challenging yourself in a creative and artistic photo session in this peculiar step of your life. Maybe you want to celebrate a family milestone, enrich your family and kids' set of outstanding images. Or simply treat yourself with a gift. A photo session in the studio is your chance to pamper yourself with a compelling light design, stimulating posing and different backgrounds.
Take the initiative and join us in Kennington. We will warm receive you in a fully-equipped studio close to the tube station. We have everything it takes to make the experience memorable and enjoyable: a dressing room, mirrors, iron if needed and a super cool fan. Our studios are comfortable and have plenty of space. So, the large families are welcome.
The studio session is subject to availability, please enquire in advance to secure your date and time.
We will gently guide you to take advantage of different scenarios with the help of high-quality lights, modifiers and softboxes. You will have fun posing like a model with your favourite outfits that best represent your style and personality.


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Like what you see ?

I'll be happy to talk to you about the best solutions for you and your family. Every family and every session has its right place. I'm here to make it easy, just tell me what you like and I'll make it happen.

© Paola Perni
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